webroot.com/safe address popular to Install webroot with key code.Download, Install & Activate Webroot safe now to protect your all devices.

webroot safe key code

First of all users need to identify their webroot key code, One who bought retail card can check on the back side of card. In case you bought it online check your email.


Now if you have key code handy just visit above mentioned web address put on screen required details and Get your webroot safe installed in minutes.


Login to webroot my account using your existing email id & password or you can create one. Install webroot with key code and do not forget to perform first full scan.

Where to find Webroot safe key code before opening webroot.com/safe

Webroot safe key code is like your gate pass when it comes to install webroot safe.On the back side of retail card there must be a black strip to obtain 20 character alphanumeric key code peel it of gently.

All the instructions is written on the same retail card, to download webroot safe users need to visit www.webroot.com/safe .Still if you are unable to download your antivirus check out this complete article to find step by step instructions.  

What is weroot.com/safe?
How webroot will protect my devices?
Is it important to have an Antivirus?

Above mentioned questions are very common that comes in our mind when we are going to install an antivirus like webroot safe. Here you can check few things that will make you understand why an antivirus is important for our all the devices. 

How secure your browser is ?

All the browsers like Chrome,Firefox & Microsoft edge etc. try as much as possible to protect their users data. The point is how much information can be gathered from your online profiles.Why do you see ads  related to the articles or product that you recently bought or visited. It’s better to protect your online privacy.

Do you have a Password protecter?

All the profiles are protected with passwords and thier site owner try as much as possible to protect their users data.But Do you have a password protection what if you allow any software or phising site to steal your information unintentionally.

Do Virus will need your permission ?

What do you think if any virus will attack your device in any manner will it ask for your permission the answer is NO. So we need a fighter who is always ready to take care of unusual things like Webroot.com/safe

In this cloud Era do you have Network Security?

In the development of this digital & cloud era our most of the files and information are saved somewhere in cloud.There are different types of Network Security like Firewalls, Email security, Data loss prevention,Application security etc.

Install webroot safe in Windows.

Webroot antivirus in windows PC.

1. Make sure your system is compatible with Webroot.
2. Check for windows update to ensure you have latest version.
3. Remove any existing antivirus to reduce conflict issue.
4. Get handy your 20 digits webroot key code.
5. Open fresh page of web browser and type on address bar www.webroot.com/safe
6. If you are getting bunch of results to choose make sure to select official one or try to open again webroot.com/safe
7. Put your working email Id and webroot key code then click Next.
8. Check your same email for verficiation link from webroot.
9. Follow on screen instruction to Install webroot on currently using device.
10. All set to perform first full scan. 

Install webroot with key code in Mac

Webroot safe in Mac. PC

1. Are you ready with your webroot key code?
2. Open safari browser’s fresh page
3. Type www.webroot.com/safe and hit enter or search button.
4. Look on the top right side of your browser for downloaded webroot installer file.
5. Open webroot icon from desktop press the gear option beside the My Account option.
6. Put your webroot key code on given space.
7. Click on Activate button. 
8. Now you have activated webroot in your system.
9. Restart your system just to apply all necessary changes.
10. All set to start your full scan.


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